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Learn About How to Promote Your Small Business, Effectively and Cleverly, for FREE
Reaching and retaining customers has often caused headaches for small business owners. It’s true that hiring an online marketing company can sometimes exceed the limits of your promotional budget. Fortunately, there are several marketing practices that you can leverage at low to no cost. This article is designed to serve as a lifeboat for entrepreneurs like you.

1. Research your target customers carefully

Information spells success. The more you understand their needs, the better chance you will have (later) to make a sale. Many small business owners are so eager to sell that they forget to use an approach that’s comfortable for their potential customers. This often leads to disappointment.

If you are targeting individual consumers, try to find a pattern in their purchasing behaviors. It’s no longer just about age, occupation and marital status. There are better questions to ask: Where do they hang out? How active are they on social media sites? What is their most recent interest? How was their last shopping experience? If you have no money for professional market research agents, go the extra mile to gain insights. Be where your customers are. For example, study trending local topics on Reddit or read customer reviews for similar products on Amazon.

For B2B businesses, apart from looking at your targets as organizations, try to identify decision makers and the best way to contact them. Plan your attack based on their business cycle. As it is harder to caress a hungry tiger, dig deeper into a company’s performance and get the timing right. The winning tactic is to provide solutions to not-yet-identified problems.

Initially, trying to make a sale is not necessary. Getting to know them is enough. Record all information and use it as a reference for your marketing plan.

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